Path to healing

Yoga therapy offers a complimentary system in healing. It uses traditional yoga models in a holistic method that aids recovery from illness, or helps to manage chronic conditions. 

The process of change is affected only in a step by step approach - so a little time is needed. This allows your individual constitution to move at its own pace for recovery. Yoga encourages patterns that are no longer useful to be replaced by new ones that are, whether in the body, breath or mind. 

Yoga therapy can help in recovering from temporary setbacks, whether physical or emotional - or for managing longterm illness. It is suitable for those who want an active role in their own health and to improve the quality of their lives. The first step is the desire to start and the second a willingness to practise.

How therapy may help you

A tailored practice may help to reduce the intensity or occurrence of symptoms over a wide range of disorders whether mild or severe. These include conditions linked to stress like IBS and psoriaris: physical conditions such as frozen shoulder or back pain, often aggravated by lifestyle or recurrent issues such as PMS and migraine.

Where illness is severe, yoga is used to alleviate anxiety that results from it. Yoga's tools are used also to assist in healing after an emotional trauma or loss.  

Yoga practice in pregnancy is well established to prepare for birth and is especially useful for those new to the experience of parenthood. Its three trimesters create distinct phases of preparation for the delivery, each period with appropriate modifications.

Currently pregnancy yoga is only offered in private classes.


"In stages, the impossible becomes possible." T K V Desikachar


"I first contacted Celeste when I had a frozen shoulder. I'd consulted a surgeon who told me I needed an operation, and two different physios without much relief. I had virtually no mobility in my arm and constant pain, so I wasn’t sleeping and the rest of my body was tying itself in a knot trying to cope and protect me. I was full of frustration. We started gently and with attention to where I was at. Now the pain is completely gone and mobility is 95% back, but I have also gained so much more. Celeste has helped me understand the stress of my job as a psychologist is embodied in my physicality. I'd done yoga before but Celeste has really improved my understanding of how to work with my breath and not to push beyond my limit. This has freed me up to make progress not just physically but also emotionally - which is so exciting! She has designed a daily practice which fits with what I need and can manage. She is realistic, encouraging and inspiring and I am really enjoying and benefitting from my yoga." Harriet G.