What Happens Next -

For all individual classes you will have a comprehensive assessment lasting about an hour and half. This includes taking a full history of your health, current situation and observing your present patterns of movement and breath.

The assessment ensures that you feel happy for us to work together. Here we will explore different ways to incorporate yoga into your schedule: there will be various possibilities and you can decide which suits you best.

The first yoga lesson will follow after the assessment. You will be guided through your own personal practice and taught to perform this safely at home. Generally a written copy of your practice will be given as an aide memoire.

You should allow some time for the benefits of the practice to be experienced: each individual will respond in their own unique and appropriate way. Therefore a minimum of four lessons over three months is suggested.


                       "Master your breath, let the self be in bliss, contemplate on the sublime within you."          T Krishnamacharya


"I decided to take up yoga to create some personal space in my busy schedule, and to enjoy something new. I didn't realise at our first meeting how much I would gain from practising yoga, and that is testament to Celeste's patience, support and intuitive nature, all of which have allowed me to grow into my practice. I have learned an awful lot about myself, at both the level of the body and the mind. Celeste is very adept at making subtle changes to my practice that both enhances my skill level, but also takes into account the various issues that might be impacting my life at any given time. This keeps the practice both fresh and relevant to me, and makes the sessions so enjoyable. Working with Celeste has been an absolute pleasure, and her passion for yoga is infectious. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else." Laurence S