Workshops Step by Step to Dhyāna

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Exploring meditation ....weekends

cale vāte calaṃ cittaṃ niścale niścalaṃ bhavet |                                         yogī sthānutvamāpnoti tato vayuṃ nirodhayet  || Hathayogaprādīpika 2:2                                  "when the breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when still, so is still and the yogin obtains the power of stillness"

A workshop is the perfect setting to explore the various tools and methods to reach 'citta prasādam' or serenity of the mind that is needed to support meditation.

Workshops take place, usually on a Saturday afternoon, allow the time needed to practice the methods that Patañjali outliines in the Yoga Sūtras for calming the mind and prepare it for a meditative practice. 

The workshop session will often include an āsana practice and prāṇāyāma, also mantra and bhāvana

Equipment needed for the workshops are mats, bolsters and blocks. Those who have their own meditation stool, feel free to bring these along. For nidrā or relaxation, a blanket or an extra layer of clothing is often welcome. Finally don't forget to bring a drink for the afternoon.

Dhyāna - mastering the mind

The Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali describes a systematic step by step approach to reaching samādhi, that state of total coalescence with an object of meditation. The tradition of Krishnamacharya follows this classical method.

Meditation or dhyāna, - has many forms, to succeed in any one, it is best to be led by a teacher - someone who can guide us to our goal. In yoga meditation arises through the repeated practice of that single method which is best suited to you.

Meditation 1-2-1 lessons

These online courses will establish you on a solid foundation through applying the right tools of yoga for you. This might include, poses, breath work, chant or visualisations; it might include a combination of one or two of these or several. 

Each class will build on the previous one, students will be encouraged to practice between classes.

If you are interested in exploring this area of yoga, do use the contact form for any further information that I can give you.

The classes are taught on zoom, for which I will send out a link. 

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